Bowl cutters

Built-in quality. For the quality of the final product.

From compact and strong for the butcher trade, to solid and powerful for the industry, our Cutmix bowl cutters are perfectly tailored to meet the diverse requirements of meat processing. Thanks to their high-quality machine stand made of solid grey cast iron and all-round stainless steel casing, the bowl cutters impress with their exceptional stability and durability.

  • Cutmix series with solid grey cast iron machine base, closed on the bottom for stability and longevity
  • Extremely smooth running thanks to robust design, and simple, intuitive operating options
  • Hand-cut, sloping surfaces for easy cleaning and better hygiene standards
  • Very high fill-level thanks to advanced bowl design with raised bowl edge: more content, no overflowing
  • Highest cutting quality of the products – due to the removable baffle plate and thus variable adjustment of the cutting space
  • Temperature detection by sensor directly in the cutting space where the temperature is generated

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Nothing is a problem - with our K+G bowl cutter

"We have to be able to rely on our machines. After all, they are our capital. Thanks to our 70 litre bowl cutter, we can easily process even small batches. This is enormously important for us in the trade."

Christoph Alterauge,
Master Butcher of Fleischerei Alterauge and European Sausage Champion 2017


Working for you!

We know: Choosing a new machine is not a gut-decision. We are happy to help you find the solution that fits your work. Together, we will analyse which machine is the first choice for the daily requirements of your work and are available to assist you with any questions you may have.


Bowl cutters for fine results and quality work

When developing our bowl cutters our motto has always been: Anything that produces quality must itself have quality. So we have always made sure that our machines are constructed with high-quality materials and developed with the expert know-how of our employees. The many years of experience and knowledge of the requirements in daily production are incorporated in our bowl cutters. Our company's bowl cutters process products to a high quality and with outstanding results and, moreover, ensure the highest hygiene standards and easier work in the butcher trade and industry.

K+G Wetter bowl cutters – tailored for your success.