What gives the sausage its flavour?

Find out – your internship at K + G Wetter

You will get insights into our work, you can have a go anywhere, and find out where the delicious Currywurst or scrumptious Bolognese has its origin.

As a pupil or student, you can look into all of our technical roles and get involved, as well as participate in and learn about the administration. Be a part of our team gain experience and try out the taster internship or throw yourself into our long-term internship.

We look forward to meeting you.


What internships do we offer?

  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Construction mechanics
  • Electronics technicians - industrial engineering
  • Industrial clerk

Application tips

How can you apply for an internship?

Your application should include a short CV (with photo) and a cover letter. It is best to indicate the name of your school or training institution as well as the desired period of the internship and your desired occupational field. You can send your application by mail or email to karriere@kgwetter.de .


Who can apply for an internship?

Pupils from all types of school. Training and further education internships, as well as student internships, are also possible.

Human Resources
Tel.: +49 6461 9840 0
Email: karriere@kgwetter.de