The best for your needs

Unique in durability and performance, versatile in use. Each of our machines brings more ease to your daily work, more efficiency to your production, and the best conditions for the highest hygienic standards in your company. And not just in meat processing. Our machines are used successfully in many areas. No matter in what application, whether bowl cutter, grinder or mixer – with a machine from K + G Wetter, end products are produced with a high enjoyment factor.

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Every variety prepared to high quality and finely processed. For that good taste.

More than 1,500 sausage varieties in Germany alone make it clear: the key to success lies in processing. Bowl cutters and grinders have always been at the heart of sausage production. We have the right machine solution for every sausage, which produces quality thanks to clever details. For example, through the flexibly deployable baffle plate in the knife cover of the K+G bowl cutters, with which each sausage meat can be optimally produced. Or the proven 2-worm principle in the K+G grinders, which guarantees optimal and even product transport towards the cutting set. For quality that you can taste at the end.

From fish to the wide variety of seafood: Quality production with K+G.

There are many starting products, all of which differ in their characteristics. However, the quality of the final product is determined by production using the best machinery. With this knowledge, and the appropriate solutions, we have made a name for ourselves in the processing of fish and seafood. Our machines – with special knives for bowl cutting, or the clear cut of the ground product – offer you the best conditions for quality.

Food processing with hygienic safety. For a clean production.

For clean processing during use. The largest producers of industrially processed vegetables and baby food trust the proven properties of our machines. In particular, the clever hygiene solutions of K+G machines are invaluable in the processing of baby food. No matter for which of your needs, our machine solutions will naturally adapt to you.

Biscuit or chocolate bar: Flexible production with our bowl cutters and grinders.

Our solutions for the sweet moments in life. Be it in the area of ​​rework or in the production process itself, many customers have been appreciating the flexible application possibilities of our machines for years. Chocolate, marzipan, biscuits, cookies, bars and more are processed with our bowl cutters and grinders. Your processes will become even easier with CutControl, our recipe control. With it, processes almost run automatically and you can simply rely on your machine.

For consistently good quality in the production of pet food.

K+G machines are in great demand – even beyond the edge of the plate. Pet food is a market that is constantly growing and needs processing machines that reliably and consistently refine products into pet food. Particularly important are machines that can withstand the high demands even during continuous operation. And for this, our machines, which have already been tried and tested in this industry for a long time, are the perfect solution.

Whether a beastly delight or meat-free treat – the most important thing is to be processed with quality.

Our eating habits have changed and will continue to change. Therefore, producers worldwide rely on the production of vegetarian food. The manufacturing processes of the end products are very similar to those of classic sausage and meat products. Whether vegetarian sausages, sauces, dips or other alternative products, with our machines we can offer you a solution for almost any use, because our machines can be adapted to your product up to even the smallest detail.

Enjoyment given a shape: Varied processes for multiple taste.

In the field of cheese processing too, we are looking at countless possibilities with our machines. Once formed into shape, cheese has to be further processed for a variety of uses. Depending on the requirements, processes in the grinder, mixer grinder or bowl cutter ensure the best results. Whether delayed start-up of the cutting set, worms adapted to the product or dead-space-free mixing, it's the little details that ensure the subtle differences in terms of quality.

Finely minced and processed products. For the "yummy" moment at the end.

Enjoyment awaits in the final product. For the shredding of raw materials, or the final processing of all ingredients for sauces, our mixers, bowl cutters, grinders and mixer grinders are in demand worldwide. The special hygienic design offers you the best conditions for a clean and high quality production. Precise shutdown values, to help, for example, adhere to defined temperatures or times, are just a few of the many features that guarantee enjoyment of the final product.