K+G Wetter

Sorting device, pneumatically operated

Upwards of a cutting-set size of E 130 mm, all K+G WETTER grinders can also be equipped with a pneumatically operated interval sorting device. It offers particularly efficient sorting of tendons and hard parts. The entire pneumatically operated sorting device consists of stainless materials and can be dismantled very easily for cleaning.

The advantages:

  1. The meat is refined, a higher quality class is achieved.
  2. You set the quantity to be selected via the opening and closing time of the cylinder.
  3. Only general pre-sorting of the meat is required.
  4. The cutting set does not clog up, it cleans itself. The processing materials pass through the cutting set more easily. The cut is smoother.
  5. Punched disks and cutters last longer. They are subjected to less strain.