K+G Wetter

Quality & Certification

Made in Germany.

K+G WETTER is one of the few manufacturers of meat-processing machines that can use the "Made in Germany" label without a guilty conscience. We attach great importance to maintaining jobs in Germany.

High quality standard.

K+G Wetter products stand out through their robust yet practical construction. The know-how accumulated over many years helps us to maintain the high quality standard and to assert ourselves in the face of the diverse competition. Because the only thing that convinces in the long term is quality.

Quality assurance with system.

For many years, K+G WETTER has been working in accordance with a quality assurance system. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, including annual supervision by the TUV.

All types of machines are checked by the employers' liability insurance association for safety and hygiene.

The model check confirms compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations. Each individual machine is subjected to numerous checks and tests before leaving the plant. The machine is not delivered to our customer until all points of the checks have been successfully completed.